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Rock Shop Owner Explains Metaphysical Energy

Pillars of Light is a crystal shop owned by Christy Pillars, who sells rocks, crystals, and essential oils. Pillars also teaches and practices Reiki healing using the energy that is unseen but surrounds everyone and everything.

Although there are some skeptics regarding healing with natural energy, such as Walker Yeates, the rock shop owner of "I've got rocks in my head," located in Silverton, Oregon. Pillars believes that everything has energy and vibrates at specific frequencies. People can tap into those frequencies to cleanse the spirit and mind.

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Reiki stems from the use of natural energy to heal the body and mind. Pillars believes rocks and crystals contain energy that can be used for healing.

Paranormal investigators often use rocks and crystals for protection against negative energy, as Pillars said about the use of black stones. Black tourmaline is one stone that she recommends that paranormal investigators carry with them on their investigations.

Pillars said that black tourmaline is an "Amazing healing crystal, also good for the paranormal." She recommends that a paranormal investigator put a small chunk of tourmaline in their pocket during an investigation to keep safe from the harmful spirits, which are also believed to be made of energy.

Pillars says an effective way to protect your home from spirits is to place a crystal grid in the home. She believes that crystal grids raise the vibrations and energy, driving out any unwanted energy in the house believed to be haunted by a spirit or negative entity.

Find out more about reiki healing or recommendations for herbs and stones to use, whether you are a paranormal investigator or benefiting from crystals and herbs' healing aspects. You can contact Christy Pillars at, or phone (931) 580-5370. She also has a Facebook group called "Healer's Way Cooperative," which is "A place to gather to sell, buy, and just talk about well-being, physical, emotional and spiritual."

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