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Oregon Dog Becomes Hero After Braving 2,364 Miles of Harsh Winter Wilderness

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Bobbie was a Scotch Border Collie that was born in 1921. In 1923 his owners Frank and Elizabeth Brazier went on a road trip and took the two-year-old pup. Bobbie would get lost in Wolcott, Indiana, after being chased into the woods by other dogs during a fuel stop. According to Oregon news papers, Bobby traveled over 2,300 miles across the wilderness to make it back to his family in Silverton, Oregon, after his owners gave up searching for the wayward dog.

On February 15, 1924, Bobbie showed up at the doorstep of the Brazier house. He was Skinny and full of mange.

Bobbie became famous almost overnight due of his unbelievable journey. On February 24, 1924, the Oregonian's Sunday edition featured Bobbie's photo on the front page. The headline read, "Faithful collie dog, owned by Silverton man, who traveled 2364 miles across the continent to return to his master and arrived weary but happy," and a map showing the route that Bobbie took to get home.

Bobbie died just three years after returning home. People believe the stress caused his death from the journey home. His final resting place is behind the Oregon Humane Society in Portland, Oregon, where he has a little red and white doghouse and a headstone that reads, "Bobbie of Silverton: Lost August 1923 at Wolcott Indiana, Arrived in Silverton ORE. FEB 15, 1924, Died April 6, 1927, Owned by Mr. & Mrs. Brazier." Rin-Tin-Tin, a German Shepard that appeared in many motion pictures, visited Bobbie and placed a wreath on his grave.

Visitors are welcome to visit Bobbie's grave located behind the Oregon Humane Society facility in Portland, Oregon, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, appointments are required by calling (503) 226-1561.

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