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Mystery of the Monoliths Solved

Strange objects known as monoliths, which are metal objects that stand about 12 feet tall, have been appearing worldwide. The first monolith appeared in Utah, then Romania, and the last was discovered in California. The mystery behind the objects has people baffled, and some point to aliens being responsible for the objects' placement.

Monolith found in Utah (Photo by Utah BLM)

Just days after the discovery of the monolith in Utah, the mysterious artifact vanished. A Tweet from Utah's Bureau of Land Management confirms the structure has been removed.

Zack Pelazini believes that the object was placed there by man, saying that it could be a distraction for the media. According to Fox News, the monolith was put there by a group called “The Most Famous Artists,” selling the object for $45,000.

Christopher Pavlov said, "It's no surprise it's an artist group. It got what they wanted, attention—a bit like the guy who made the crop circles. A lot has been proven to be done by people all around the world. Had the world going for a long time."

According to the Bureau of Land Management, the illegally installed structure was removed sometime on the evening of Friday, November 27. According to the New York Post, the Romanian Monolith disappeared just a few days after it was discovered. According to the New York Times, the monolith in California was taken down by "several young men" and replaced with a plywood cross.

As some may point to aliens, skeptics point to creative artists who now have the world questioning how these objects can appear then disappear without a trace.

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