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Destination Fear Crew Raises Over $250,000 After Announcing Show Cancellation

Updated: Mar 23

On Wednesday, the Destination Fear crew announced that they surpassed their goal of $65,000 in just two hours in their Kickstarter campaign for their new creative project, Project Fear, after their Discovery Plus/Travel Channel show has been officially canceled.

With generous contributions worldwide, they raised over $256,473 to help fund their ambitious endeavor. Their original goal was $65,000.

Crew member Tanner Wiseman expressed his excitement for the support from the fans.

"I am actually in shock," Wiseman said. "Waking up, this is unreal! I thought I was still dreaming! Like Seriously!?! $250,000!!?!"

"From the bottom of my heart! Thank you for keeping the show alive!" #Fearfam

On the Project Fear Kickstarter account, the team writes.

"The project eventually found a home at the Travel Channel, where Destination Fear was born. After three years we were able to create 48 episodes at 49 terrifying locations, but our greatest and most satisfying accomplishment has been the birth of this amazing fanbase (The D-Fam) that we consider a part of our family! Unfortunately, with zero warning and no explanation, Destination Fear was canceled. But we won't let it die!"

In a five-minute post to YouTube, Dakota Laden announces that the travel channel series "Destination Fear" has been canceled, but they met their goal of $65,000 in just two hours.

"Destenation Fear has been canceled, but you guys, we have hit our goal in less than two hours," Laden said.

The destination fear crew is grateful for all the support they have received from their fans and can't wait to embark on this new creative adventure. In a video attached to the Go-Fund-Me campaign, the crew explains that they all own the equipment and production. Although they reached their goal, they would like the contributions to continue, stating the team can make more episodes and go further.

If the crew can raise $350,000, they plan to travel to five domestic and two international locations for their youtube series, Project Fear.

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