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Amazing kindergarten Teacher Explains Online Teaching

Although the teachers are doing what they can, parents of students are suffering. Some had to take significant fanatical cuts to facilitate their children to go to online school.

Katlin Bar is a registered nurse who has three kids in the Silver Falls School district. She said, "I have three kids in the Silver Falls School District. I am a Registered Nurse and had to cut my hours way-back because of COVID and the kids' school schedule."

A grandmother who was hesitant to comment because she wasn't sure if she would face repercussions for leaving her house says her Son-in-law had to clean out their shed to make a home office, so he could stay home with the kids as they went to online learning. She said it is so cold in that shed.

Governor Kate Brown says that counties must be under the five percent spread rate to reopen the schools. Silver Falls School District serves two elevated risk counties, Marian country and Clackamas county, so teachers are unsure when the schools from that district will be open again. They are hopeful that students will be able to return to school in February. Lydia Sherwood agrees that young kids need to return to school.

"I feel like my primary job is to help them (kids) establish a love of learning that is so hard to do over the computer."

Sherwood has three kids of her own which two of the three kids are from a blended family. She says her ex-husband has stepped up to help with the responsibilities, and they rely on a Christian daycare to watch her kids and help with school so she can do her job as a teacher.

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