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The state of Alabama is full of places with a spooky past, from abandoned buildings to haunted forests. Here are the top five most haunted locations in the Yellowhammer State:

  1. Sloss Furnaces, Birmingham: This former iron foundry is said to be haunted by the ghost of “Slag”, a worker who died in an accident at the site in 1906. Visitors have reported apparitions, unexplainable noises, and strange smells.

  2. Magnolia Springs Manor, Mobile: Located near Mobile Bay, this house is believed to be haunted by its former residents and their slaves buried on the property. Witnesses have heard voices and felt cold spots near an old well on the premises.

  3. Gaineswood Plantation House, Demopolis: Dating back to 1843, this plantation was occupied by several generations of families. Residents and visitors alike have reported hearing disembodied voices and seeing lights moving around the house late at night.

  4. Round Island Light Tower, Dauphin Island: Built in 1832 as a navigational aid for ships passing through Mobile Bay, this old tower was abandoned in 1941 when the Coast Guard decommissioned it. Footsteps have been reported, and eerie screams that can't be explained away as coming from wild animals or neighbors echo through its walls on dark nights.

  5. The Drish House, Tuscaloosa: This antebellum mansion dates back to 1836 when it was built for George Washington Drish and his family; some say his ghost still lingers in one of the upper bedrooms today! In recent years people have reported other strange occurrences such as flickering lights and objects being moved without explanation.

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